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I close my eyes for a second, 7 months had passed.

If I am here, is because i miss something. 

I know, i miss the walks with my camera. I miss some good concerts once in awhile. I miss being lost.

Go(o)d damn it.

23, Happiest Age

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23, Happiest Age – click the link!!

Some months ago, i heard about this study. I didn’t believe.

Now, I got my first job, very good one for me and for what i want to be! But I’m not only happy with that….1 year in Poland in Erasmus, which should be compulsory for many people, was very good, and this summer in my island was, like every year, very good!

Yes, I can say with 23 years old, is being a go(o)d damn year!


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Just amazing ! 2 friends, 40 days of dating! Opinions everyday!

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Just amazing project…

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Portugal Again.

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I can’t write too much these days…they call it “Post-Erasmus Syndrome”. I have it, really.

I don’t see new people anymore, no more daily English, no more “5 different” nationalities every day. Didn’t feel anymore that “no worry”  feeling after a long night! I don’t drink 0.5l beer anymore, i don’t plan trips anymore and the worst, anyone fucking understand!

I start to eat well, talk in Portuguese, some jogging everyday! This is weird, it is !!!

I knew this day would come. I live near beach, paradise, still miss the not so beautiful “city of Boat” of Poland.

I apply for a job, o choose a master thesis. I only drink 0.3l beer and I eat real food now!

Ok, i met nice people! Ok, Santa Maria Blues Festival was nice! Santa Maria Maia Folk was good too! But..something is different, something is not present now.

I don’t know what to say more!

Poland, final chapters!

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Yes, the times is off.

Good things happen last days, so I need to return my island in 1 week. It’s good thing, but still, I was in the middle of my plans to make a final trip to ex-Yugoslavia by train, so a little bit of hard feelings, says my adventure personalty eheh.

For sure I will do later. Maybe next winter holidays. Yes, why not now in summer? Because…for me my island is paradise and 1 year away, is fair enough! I need to get energy again!!

Now I go with an amazing single released today by one of my favorites bands ever: Linda Martini!



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Just another collection of diary emotions.

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