[project I] The Grandma’s Old camera – finish

So one day, my grandma said me that she had an old camera hidden somewhere in the house. Of course I made a smile: old camera 100% sure!

So Camera on my hands. Never saw one in my life. Google search, found it: Agfa Clack! In pretty good state!

Yep, with the brown bag too!  Main features:

– 120mm film.

– 50-100 ISO.

– f/11 overcast – f/12.5 sun.

– B (bulb) and M (Moment !?) mode.

– Instructions and more info.

So it’s easy to use right? But without 120mm rolls to use, in the middle of my Island, it was necessary to improvise!

And if the machine wasn’t working fine? So…35mm Kodak chinese roll (and out dated), toothpicks, adhesive tape and some lucky skills to close the back part, and there it is!

And how to know how much I need to rotate the film and not create overlaps? With confidence!!!

So some of the results…could be better (much better), but with this roll and all the sun on those days, it was difficult. At least next time I know what to do in order to improve. I notice that all the photos had some horizontal lines in the same position (I think that is the result of my experience with the toothpicks and something touch in the film while I rotate it) and many “white dust”, always in different places……..so maybe, maybe, the lab manager should clean his material no!? Or maybe…maybe I need to find a new one! Or maybe is my fault!

Some of the results:

Well, I try my best! Photos taken in Santa Maria, Azores. Places:

– Prainha (Praia Formosa).

– Figueiral.

– Marina de Vila do Porto.


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