[EuroChristmasTrip12′, Stockholm and Helsinki] Olympus OM-1

This photos were taken in Stockholm and Helsinki. Random Style disposition, random phrases to describe them.

The Helsinki cathedral in a very cold day, a cold ferry trip trough the ice sheet, the beautiful view of Helsinki from the ferry .

My best coffee in 6 months in Gamla Stan , soldiers changing positions, bicycles waiting for they’re owners, a hidden heart, a woman purchasing some flowers, secret tunnels, the stairs of the airport and the beauty seaside.

[EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]F1030004 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]F1030001

[EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040035 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040034 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040033 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040031 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040030 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040029 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040028 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040024 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040023 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1040022 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1030008 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1030007 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1030003 [EuroChristmasTrip12', Stockholm and Helsinki]edit-1030002


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