Happens almost every time!

I usually have time to search new music. That ones that I must go really deep in my search, and once I found a really good group, next I find more 3 or 4! And it goes on and on, and in the end of one, two weeks, i have too much music to listen, so I choose only the best ones, and put some in stand by.

The problem? I only do this searches when I can’t, when I need to deliver reports and projects, when I need to study, when I need to do hard stuff! But fells good to have again this “need” of find more and better music!!!

As you can see, i’m not stuck in only one or two genre of music. Basically, it depends of my day, my mood, my “spirrit”

Some good sounds, I hope you like it:



Howlin’ Rain

Léonore Boulanger


Ok I stop………………



~ by Ruizinh on January 10, 2013.

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