20 of the best bargain beach holidays for 2013

Crowds aren’t an issue on this speck in the eastern Azores – its mid-Atlantic location sees to that. What they miss out on is wild, wooded landscapes, nature reserves, famously good custard tarts and one of the best – and few white-sand – beaches in the archipelago, Praia Formosa.

It’s also home to the smart new Hostel Azores in the island’s 15th-century capital, Vila do Porto. After days of arduous beach-hopping, return to lie by the pool here or hang out in the bar.”

From here!!

Yes, I’m proud of my island. I wonder, why The Guardian choose our island, and not the “mainstream touristic” island São Miguel. They really go deep in they’re investigation.

The text is simple and perfect. The fact is that, in Santa Maria, the guides are the locals, they don’t want money to show everything, in fact is the opposite: they give kindness and share everything they can.

And this…this you can’t buy anywhere! ;)

Here some photos from Praia Formosa, taken with Diana F+.

My second film!

lost praia formosa praia formosa hot water, thin sand


~ by Ruizinh on January 7, 2013.

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