I’m alive!

Riga, cold weather and a lot of wind.

Really nice buildings, really nice old town.

A lot of wind and cold, traditional gloves for me!

We saw…it takes some time because we didn’t want maos for Riga, but we catch the cat, cat house!!!

We stay at home at night, somedays we need to rest! 

Bus at 8h morning, after walking under -14º with wind and snow 20m. 

It’s Christmas! We arrive at Vilnius.

Small tour, trying to go to a restaurant: every one are closed!

Let’s make our Christmas dinner with good french wine and cake!

Day 25, a lot of people on the streets :)


~ by Ruizinh on December 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “EuroChristmasTrip_12′_IV”

  1. Devias considerar mudar o nome desta rubrica para “drunken diary” :P

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