[Moleskine] Thoughts

Don’t know exactly when did i write this…small momentary thought? Or maybe a day of too many thoughts and I could only express this one! That’s weird you know, because we humans have all kind of thoughts, some of them totally idiots, so why keep this one?

The translation is quite difficult, but I will try.

“In some point of our life  we think and we wonder to ourselves about what is wrong, why this feeling of emptiness inside us, this lack of personal realization. Then, and going right to the heart of the matter, we know that we already had these feeling in some other moment in life.

It’s like an “harbor” of refuge: we come back once in a awhile, to be sure that everything stays right…as always?”

It’s something like these! Good night!


~ by Ruizinh on November 25, 2012.

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