So Poland, Chapter I

So Poland. First problems solved, still many to resolve. Second day here, first impressions made. Now, 1 week later, I can say a better opinion!

I’m in Lodz, modest city yes, and I’m in a dormitory but I must confess that is not a big deal: good room, bad bathroom and the kitchen is fine. Still, the dormitory looks like a prison!!!! The only good aspect is the fact (I hope) I’m staying with some university friends!

2 days after I arrive, I went with my friends to the Integration Weekend! Really cool e awesome stories! Amazing I must say!

Yes! The reaction of my friend when he saw his phone broken  from the last night without knowing why ahah



~ by Ruizinh on October 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “So Poland, Chapter I”

  1. és tão erasmus que mete nojo. :)
    (happythankyoumoreplease. <3)

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